You always have a choice on how to live

‘There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.’   Albert Einstein

Every day

You always have a choice

On how to live.

You Always Have A Choice

You can either

run through your day letting your routine lead you  racing to get everything done leaving no time for play or contemplation with no connection to nature

Depleted and ‘on empty’ at the end of the day. 


You can intuit through your day.

Staying openhearted.

Listening with intent.

Connecting with nature.

Savoring all that you do.

Being mindful.

Filled with curiosity and joy.

Living soulfully.

Experiencing life as a sacred miracle.


YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE on how to live.

How do you choose to live?


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  1. lovely post Fran! And I absolutely agree. We always have a choice. It’s that choice that will set the tone for our year, week…even down to the next hour of our life. Challenges will present themselves, but we can choose whether or not to allow those challenges to become obstacles, right?

    • Vanita – yes, we exercise our choice in practically everything we do. The challenge is to stay awake so that you can consciously make the best choice at that given time. The good news is that when you make a conscious decision with intent to live life joyfully fully sinking into the magic of it, your soul is light years ahead of you and will continue to guide you in your journey~

  2. Hi Fran, it’s so true, if only we knew the difference it would make to live our lives more consciously at choice in each moment – together we could change the world.

    • Elle – Yes to everything you said. And we are changing the world – every heartcentered action we take and feeling we have is changing the world. Malcolm Gladwell’s tipping point helped me to put everything in perspective as far as what it takes to gain traction and make changes. xxoo

  3. Hi Fran

    “Feeling is everything in life”.Eminent thinkers like Robert Collier emphasised on the importance of feelings and he was specific about the far reaching influence of feelings.How do you feel about your life generally?Good?Bad?OK? well the fact is whatever you do feel at the back of your mind constantly is what will recurringly return to you .
    That,i believe ,is the biggest choice in life.

  4. I agree. So live the life you always wanted..

  5. Love that Einstein quote, Fran! I experience miracles every day, in some way or other. The greatest gift is the gift of choice.

    Oh I was thinking of you all last week – while enjoying my friend Gita’s garden. I wished you were walking around with me. Hugs!

    • Dear Vidya-
      I know that you experience miracles every day – that’s one of the many things I love about you.
      How I would love to be in Gita’s garden with you. I was out in mine this morning Vidya – cutting back vines and pulling out dead plants. This latest storm took its toll on us….which is fine….all part of the natural cycle of life and death. xxoo

  6. Fran, I’m opting to see more miracles in my life. Everything is a miracle. I used to have a post it note up which said something like everything in life is a miracle, we just need to take notice of it.

    I’ve stopped several times this year while driving to take photos of nature, observe sunset or birds flying by. I’m trying to live a more miracle-filled life:)

    • Vishnu –
      YAY- I am so happy that you continue to work at ‘living a more miracle-filled life’. You are a fantastic role model for someone who is making a CHOICE on how to experience their time on this earth ~ Your idea of taking the time to connect with nature is fantastic. If everyone connected with nature on a daily basis, the world would be a much kinder and more generous place. Your words have brought a big smile to my face. Have a miracle filled holiday Vishnu. 🙂


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