Why You Should Consider Talking To Plants: 5 Tips On How To Do It

Years ago when Prince Charles mentioned that he talked to his plants, people rolled their eyes. Only those of us who worked with or had a connection with them knew why talking to plants really can make a difference- for both you and your plants.

Talking With Your Plants

I’ve been doing it for years. I wrote about an emotional interlude I had with my plants in the newly published 10th Anniversary Edition of my book, Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening:

“As I was preparing to graduate from seminary, I sold my house. I felt it was time to downsize and create a new garden. When I visited the last time, I felt strangely calm until I entered the garden. As soon as I walked through the back arbor, tears began forming. I said good-bye to the red velvet rose bush sprawling across the wall, which I had bought decade earlier for only a few dollars. Every few step I stopped, cradles some plants in my hands, and bid them adieu; telling them, like children, to take care of each other. Perhaps someone watching might think I’d gone crazy, but I knew otherwise. These beautiful living things were so deeply connected to me, and I to them, that parting was exquisitely painful.”

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How Patience and Persistence Pay off in Gardening and Publishing

Gardening is the quintessential lesson in patience. We learn that we have no choice but to wait for plants to grow in their own sweet time; no matter how much we try to hurry them along. Nature will never allow herself to be rushed to fit our demand.

Fran Sorin Garden Design

Client’s garden first year after planting

But cultivating patience isn’t an easy thing for us in the modern world. We don’t like to wait. We have condensed even the most complex practices into bite-size pieces that are quick and easy to digest. We have fashioned a world of instant mastery in which we can learn languages in a few days and grasp ancient practices such as acupressure massage in a weekend workshop. We teach our kids how to play musical instruments in a matter of week, then rush them up onstage to perform and receive the reward of applause.

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Try It New This Time: 10 Tips on How to Catapult Your Creative Self

When speaking with a client recently, she told me what an invigorating time she had had with friends one Saturday night when they spontaneously spent hours brainstorming an idea for a potential business.

For the first time, in a very long time, she felt her creative juices flowing.


After thirty years of thinking about how to create her own business, Susan (not her real name) thought that this might be her golden opportunity.

She went to sleep feeling excited and hopeful.

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9 Tips On Trusting Your Instincts

If you’re one of those folks who thinks that having intuition is something that is gifted to the special few, you’re wrong.

All of us are hardwired with intuition. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to survive as a species as long as we have.

If you believe you’re lacking in intuitive ability, it’s time to put that story line to rest.

You’re not! You just need to learn and develop some intuition muscles.

Inspirational quote- Trust Your Instincts

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Why Giving To Others Make Us Happy

Did you ever contemplate why you feel so happy after you’ve given to others? Or have you ever observed individuals who give so naturally and who seem to be filled with joy and purpose?

If you’ve ever wondered Why Giving To Others Makes Us Happy (or even if you haven’t), then watch this short video by one of my favorite organizations: www.LifeVestInside.com–and get involved.

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