How Edible Container Gardening Is A Tool for Connecting With Aspects of Your Inner Self

Last week, I co-taught a workshop at the Expressive Therapies Summit in NYC called Voice Dialogue and Edible Container Gardening: Sowing Seeds of Inner Resilience.

2014-11-06 13.34.45.jpg-Expressive Therapies Summit- group photo #1

Along with my dear friend and colleague, Bridgit Dengel Gaspard, who is a Voice Dialogue teacher extraordinaire, we guided a diverse and amazing group of women in connecting to different aspects of their inner selves through planting edible container gardens and utilizing techniques from Voice Dialogue, which the founders, Hal and Sidra Stone, describe as “a trans-cultural – and remarkably inclusive – psycho-spiritual approach to consciousness.”

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10 Ways To Discover Spirituality In The Garden

 Spirituality and Gardening

After spending enough time on all fours digging, planting, and weeding, and hanging out with other gardeners, you often hear them commenting on how they can spend hours in the garden and not even know it. They use words like, “Zen state,” “being in the zone,” “transcending everyday conscious-ness,” and many more.

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5 Tips on How To Boost Creativity With A Morning Routine

When I wrote this post last summer, it got a terrific response and readers have been asking for it since- so here it is an encore, with my YouTube video to accompany it.

Boost Creativity with a Morning Routine

Do you wake up early in the morning with your internal motor already in third gear?

As you brush your teeth, are you reminding yourself of what’s on ‘Your To Do’ list for the day?

Do you gulp down a cup of coffee, and keep your eye on the clock so that you can jump in the car, negotiate the heavy traffic, and get to work on time?

Even if you work out of your home, the scenario is pretty much the same. The only difference is that you turn on the computer first thing and get enmeshed in answering e-mails.

Watch what I have to say in the video below to learn How To Boost Creativity With A Morning Routine.

 Not placing a priority on things that you love doing can lead to disaster.

I know all about this routine. I lived it my entire adult life. Until I crashed 5 years ago.

I became depressed. I made it through the day but sluggishly. I was frustrated and stuck.

I  realized that my throbbing pulse – what I had lived with for decades – was actually anxiety.  No matter how hard I tried, I never felt productive enough.

It had gotten to the point where I put all of the things that I loved doing on the back burner. I convinced myself that when I finished my work, I would reward myself with those activities.

I rarely did. By the end of the day, my enthusiasm and desire had dissipated.

Is any part of my scenario reminiscent of how you live?

If so, read on.

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The Hidden Blessings In Trusting Your Instincts: Even When The Results Aren’t What You Wanted

When you don’t follow your instincts and it comes back to haunt you, do you hear your inner critic saying: “You see, you should have listened to what I told you!”

In the 10th Anniversary Edition of my book, Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening that was published this past week in paperback, I’ve written a chapter on the importance of trusting your instincts in the creative process.

Trusting Your Instincts

Sure, there are always lessons to be learned when you don’t listen in and come up with the short stick but what happens when you do listen to your inner voice and end up with results that aren’t what you wanted?

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How Patience and Persistence Pay off in Gardening and Publishing

Gardening is the quintessential lesson in patience. We learn that we have no choice but to wait for plants to grow in their own sweet time; no matter how much we try to hurry them along. Nature will never allow herself to be rushed to fit our demand.

Fran Sorin Garden Design

Client’s garden first year after planting

But cultivating patience isn’t an easy thing for us in the modern world. We don’t like to wait. We have condensed even the most complex practices into bite-size pieces that are quick and easy to digest. We have fashioned a world of instant mastery in which we can learn languages in a few days and grasp ancient practices such as acupressure massage in a weekend workshop. We teach our kids how to play musical instruments in a matter of week, then rush them up onstage to perform and receive the reward of applause.

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